Cheap loan insurance: insure a real estate loan after anorexia

Borrow and insure your real estate loan with an aggravated health risk following anorexia

Borrow and insure your real estate loan with an aggravated health risk following anorexia

Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of the risk assessment criteria for loan insurance. If you are underweight because you suffer from anorexia or conversely are in overweight, this may result in a refusal insurance loan anorexia, a refusal insurance loan on-weight or require that you pay a surcharge of insurance more or less expensive according to insurers.

Insurance-Loan-Not-Expensive guarantees the confidentiality of the personal information that you transmit to it.

Why is my weight taken into account by insurers?
Because a person who is underweight is more exposed to the risk of nutrient deficiency and a person overweight increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems. For insurers, the risk is higher than the average borrower.

Aggravated risk of anorexia health and loan insurance

You would like to take out a loan but have great difficulty in finding the loan insurance you need because either you are refused or it is too expensive because of the anorexia you suffer.

Insurance anorexia not expensive

Insurance anorexia not expensive

Specialized in custom loan insurance, we know exactly the obstacles you can face if you suffer from anorexia. Thanks to simplified research and procedures, we find and negotiate solutions for you with anorexia risks at very competitive rates.

  • Compare rates insurance loan risk anorexia
  • Request a study of your file
  • Medical Questionnaire Insurance Loan Anorexia

Real estate loan insurance anorexia

Real estate loan insurance anorexia

Because anorexia does not have to slow down the process of getting your mortgage, the insurance broker-Loan-pas-cher offers personalized support. We help and advise you on the best solutions insurance anorexia loan.

With Loan Insurance-Not-Expensive, you get the cheapest anorexia loan insurance policy on the market that suits you best!
We are pushing for you the limits of accessibility to health risk aggravated loan insurance.

Quotation insurance loan guarantee risk anorexia
Get immediate the best anorexia loan insurance quotes using the online loan insurance comparator.
Do not hesitate to seek the help of an expert loan risk insurance consultant aggravated anorexia.

Loan insurance solution for borrower with risk of anorexia

Insurance-Loan-not-expensive makes the competition compete for you among the largest insurers and companies specializing in aggravated anorexia risks. Trust a reputable insurance professional and get your anorexia loan insurance policy at a negotiated rate.

AERAS Anorexia Convention

The AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) agreement helps anorexic borrowers. It allows people with aggravated health risks to access the loan insurance more easily and thus obtain their immo credit in the best conditions.

I delegate my loan insurance with Loan Insurance-Not-Expensive

Delegate your insurance borrower with Insurance-Loan-not-expensive, it is:

  • Time saving
  • The guarantee of the best price insurance loan anorexia
  • A saving on the overall cost of your immo loan
  • The guarantee that your insurance contract loan risk anorexia is accepted by your bank

Anorexia: cheaper loan insurance

The loan insurance broker knows the difficulty faced by people with anorexia to secure a mortgage. We invite you to discover the loan insurance companies that offer anorexia loan insurance solutions.

For a study of your insurance loan borrower anorexia, and so receive the best offer real estate loan insurance with an aggravated health risk with anorexia, please fill in your borrower information on our online comparator and contact us by email for ask for the health questionnaire “anorexia”:

  • Simulation insurance anorexia
  • Medical Anorexia Questionnaire
  • Learn more about the AERAS convention
  • Learn more about loan insurance with aggravated health risk
  • Contact an adviser specialized in aggravated risk anorexia
  • Get a loan insurance quote with anorexia
  • Conduct a comparison insurance loan guarantee risk anorexia

Loan insurance with anorexia

Loan insurance with anorexia

The disease of anorexia must not prevent real estate borrowers from realizing a real estate project. The cheap loan insurance broker helps you find a solution for your home loan insurance with anorexia.


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